Facebook’s New Credibility Score Explained

You may have heard about Facebook’s newest update, the Credibility Score.  Well what it is it?  How does it work?  What could possibly be the benefit of adding yet another commenting system, so close to the most recent update in October, which gave us the ability to vote up or down?

This addition to the commenting system will now bring the discussions and comments on your blog over to your Facebook page.  Ths cross promoting onto walls and fan pages is going to be enticing to brands, as this will help with interaction and online presence.  Facebook is using this as an opportunity to bring people back onto Facebook through the popularity of blogs.  The new commenting system comes with a credibility score to measure how “credible” your comments are.  Inside Facebook explains how the score is calculated:

“…using the formula (total Likes – total instances marked as unhelpful or spam) / total Likes. For instance, a commenter who has had their comments Liked seven times and been marked as unhelpful once would have the equation (7 – 1) /7, which equates to 85%. Scores are rounded down and are higher than the equation specifies when there are less than five Likes.”

Where do you find your credibility score?  The score is found when you mouse over the user in the commenting system.  So if you are commenting often, and people like you AND the comment, your credibility is deemed higher.  If you are not well liked, then you may want to avoid commenting on the blogs that use this system as your credibility will be low.  Does this number matter?  To some, very much.  If you are given a lower credibility percentage, the users and admins will consider you not credible or reputable.  You can even be marked as unhelpful or spam.  What does this mean?  BEWARE SPAMMERS!!

Using this new system in the way it is intended will help brands interact more efficiently with their audience, as well as help you point out where improvements can be made in your commenting.

What do you think about Facebook’s new credibility score?  Do you think it will be beneficial for your business?

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